New Site!

21 03 2010

We have made a new site called and we will be updating our apps soon with this new site in the “website” portion of the app So Be ready for updates!!


Is Apple Lying?

23 02 2010

Apple Tells Lies As A Daily Procedures For There New Devices Usually When They Introduce Them (As The iPad In This Article). Back To The Topic As The Header Tells You Apple Must Be Lying They Say There Is No Camera In The iPad. Is This True? I Say No As Wired Clearly Points Out In This Picture There Is A Camera


And As This Picture Took In The iPad Simulator It Clearly Points Out The Camera:


and So Is Apple Lying? You Judge Answer The Following Poll

UPADTE: Yes It Will Probably have a Camera Just Look At This:

App Update: This Just In

21 02 2010

This Just In Were Making A Lite Version For Our App Tap Frenzy! Can You Handle The lite Version? If So Buy The Full Version When It Comes Out!

New App: Tap Frenzy!

21 02 2010

We Are Currently Making A New App Called You Guessed it Tap Frenzy! It is A Full 12 Level Game. And If  You Like That Game thats in The Top 25 list Where You Tap The Button As Long As You Can You Would Love This Game Even More! Only For 1 Dollar You Get That Game Plus Its Timed So It Gives You A Objective! Whats Even More Better? We Have OpenFeint For LeaderBoards You Can Get You Score Even Posted To Twitter! In A Update Were Might Have Facebook Connect! + OpenFeint Achievements In The Future! For The First Look At The App Look At These Pictures (Click Urls The HTML Isnt Working Right now). And Yes Our Beta Testers Loved It To I Bet You Will To! Note: Accelerometer Is Coming Soon!
Level Menu
Choose Screen

A Review: Square Mobile Credit Card System Reader

14 02 2010

Yes Its True They’ve Finally Made A Credit Card System That You Can Use On You iPhone And Since It Uses The HeadPhone Jack You Can Use It On A iPod Touch! (Not iTouch There’s No Such Thing) As You See In The Picture Above Its Very Small But Very Easy To Use All You Do is Plug In, Put Amount, Swipe, And Sign! You Can Also E-Mail The Customer The Receipts! Easy As That Packet Into One Little Square. If You’ve Seen People At Apple Have Those Big Cases On There iPhone For The Credit Cards Now Theres Something Smaller Thats Way More Better! Go to For More Info

App: Electronic Reaction Time

14 02 2010

Our New App Electronic Reaction Time Got Over 2,400 Downloads! Do Some Reviews It OFFICIALLY FREE!! We Have About 85 Reviews a New Update is Comming Out Soon!